Pat Shirley
Pat is a lifelong resident of Jefferson. She is married (44 years) to her high school sweetheart, Buster. Their two children have given them 3 granddaughters, Gradeigh, Lucy and Charlie Grace, and  3 grandsons, Ayden, Lucas and Isaac.

Pat grew up attending a Baptist church and accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior at the age of 18 and joined Bethany United Methodist Church after she married Buster.

Since joining Bethany UMC, Pat has taught Sunday School and served jointly as Sunday School Superintendent along with her husband and is an active member with the church choir. She has taught and directed many Vacation Bible Schools while worshiping at Bethany UMC.

In July of 2000, Pat began working at First Baptist Church. She has many friends in FBC and feels so much a part of this church that she tells others that she has two home churches!