2 Year Old Program (Younger & Older)

First Baptist Preschool takes pride in our preschool programs. For over 40 years, we have been leading children in structured play to help them grow and develop. A typical class size is 8-10 children with two teachers. By having smaller class sizes, this allows for better student-teacher interaction. By this stage of development, daily routines become a part of the child's day and will help promote a sense of stability and security.

As a two-year-old develops their routines, potty-training becomes a more familiar theme. With this in mind, our staff will partner with the parent/s to help reinforce the efforts that are being taken at home in potty training. Please keep in mind that one of the requirements for admittance into the three-year-old program is that the child needs to be 100% potty-trained.

Our curriculum, based on the age level, is from ABeka Book (Nursery through Pre-K material and the Bible curriculum).  This curriculum provides us with a base in which we enhance with appropriate supplemental material. Learning Centers are introduced in the older two-year-old classroom and is not limited to but includes: art, blocks, music, reading, and dramatic play. Each child will have the opportunity to participate in these activities. Children learn not only by doing but through play and exploration. New themes are introduced on a bi-monthly basis.

Program Features:

  1. Low student to teacher ratio.
  2. Supportive, nurturing and loving care in a Christ-centered environment.
  3. Bi-Monthly Thematic activities with the intent to engage and focus on learning concepts appropriate for this age level.

Requirements for Younger 2's:

  1. Children must turn 2 by December of the current school year.
  2. All immunizations must be current.
  3. 2-year-olds Bathroom Policy

Requirements for older 2's:

  1. Children must turn 3 by March of the current school year.
  2. All immunizations must be current.
  3. 2-year-olds Bathroom Policy